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Sustainable Development Television (SDTV)

SDPI has started the first of its kind web based TV in Pakistan with the name the Sustainable Development Television (SDTV), which will be fully developed in three phases. At the end of the third phase the SDTV will be a fully fledged television channel focusing on sustainable development, and will be ready to go satellite. In the first phase the internal core production facility has been developed, and shortly a production niche of a satellite channel will be fully functional. SDTV is constantly producing documentaries on issues of concern to SDPI. These documentaries include interviews, field trips and they cover many of SDPI's seminars and in-house events including trainings. Very soon it will also start producing news analysis and talk shows on current issues. The SDTV reflects SDPI's drive to continue to operate as a dynamic organization that is innovative and forward looking in its approach. Through SDPI's new TV channel SDPI will reach out to wider audiences and engage audiences on a new platform ensuring that important messages are shared not only with development practitioners and policy makers but also with the wider public.